Impressive double height glazed Entrance with natural stone tile finish in reception
3 No. 13 person high speed passenger lifts serving 
all levels
117 car spaces including 12 E-charge, 6 green vehicle spaces and 6 wheelchair accessible spaces
96 secure bike spaces and 6 motorbike spaces
Tenant amenity space at ground level with glazed monopitch roof and underfloor heating
High quality showers and changing area in the basement with 8 showers (incl. 2 disabled) with drying room, lockers and WCs







  • Impressive double height glazed Entrance with natural stone tile finish in reception
  • 3 No. 13 person high speed passenger lifts serving
    all levels
  • 117 car spaces including 12 E-charge, 6 green vehicle spaces and 6 wheelchair accessible spaces
  • 96 secure bike spaces and 6 motorbike spaces
  • Tenant amenity space at ground level with glazed monopitch roof and underfloor heating
  • High quality showers and changing area in the basement with 8 showers (incl. 2 disabled) with drying room, lockers and WCs
  • Highly efficient floor plates to suit open plan or cellular layouts
  • Typical structural grid of 6.0m and 7.5m with planning grid of 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Designed for 1:8 sq m base occupancy
  • Suspended perforated metal tile ceilings 1200 x 300mm
  • VRF air conditioning with ceiling mounted grilles
  • Floor to ceiling heights of 2.7m with 400mm ceiling zone, 200mm RAF zone and 3.6m slab
    to slab height.
  • High quality WC facilities on each office floor
  • Flexible core design and BMS to allow multi occupancy on floors
  • Standby generator for Life Safety systems with capacity for tenant installed backup generator.
  • Two separate communications rooms with duct networks for diverse connections
  • Targeting LEED Gold and BER A3
  • WiredScore Certified Platinum
  • 96 bike spaces
  • Communal bike sharing facilities for The Hive’s occupants

1. Public Space
The exterior areas will be landscaped to provide an attractive working environment and finished with a mix of stone paving, grasscrete, and soft landscaping with attractive seating, planting, signage and selected artwork.

2. Building Plan
Window to atrium generally 13.5m
Window to core 7.5m

3. Building Occupancy
Means of escape           1 person per 6 sq m
Internal climate              1 person per 8 sq m
Sanitary provisions        1 person per 10 sq m

4. Design Floor Loadings
Office floors 4.0kn per sq m
Lift lobby and cores 4.0kn per sq m
Plant rooms (new) 7.5kn per sq m

5. Design Criteria
Winter Temperature
Outside -3°C Db saturated
Internal Office: 21°C +/- 2°C
Toilets: 20°C
Reception: 21°C +/- 2°C

Summer Temperature
Outside 26°C db 19.5°C wb
Internal Office: 22°C +/- 2°C
Toilets 22°C +/- 2°C
Reception: 22°C +/- 2°C

Fresh Air Supply
Offices: 10 litres / sec /person at 1 per 10 sq m
Toilets: 10 air change / hr / extract plus make up air

6. Floor Heights
Office slab to slab 3600mm
Office floor to ceiling 2700mm
RAF zone 200mm
Ceiling zone 400mm
Slab 300mm

7. External Finishes
New façade on south-east and south-west elevation replaced with full curtain walling glazed system. Vertical full height glazed ‘Brise soleil’ system.

New feature entrance canopy with frameless glass revolving door access.

Glazed monopitch roof for enclosed Atrium space
with full height glazing to office floors.

8. Reception
Double height reception lobby with bespoke concierge desk and natural stone tiled flooring.

Bespoke furniture for client waiting area and informal meeting space.

Fully glazed entrance with revolving door and enlarged access to Atrium space.

Communal tenant space at ground level for remote working, barista style coffee and informal meetings.

9. Lifts
3 No. 13 person passenger lits serving all levels with
an average waiting time of 25 secs.

Internal finish of natural tiled stone.

Average waiting time sub 25 secs.

10. WC Cores
New high-quality male and female WCs on all levels with typical 6 female / 4 male cubicles.
Walls: Large format terrazzo tiles.
Floors: Large format terrazzo tiles.
Doors: Timber doors sets.
Cubicles: High quality full height system.
Vanity Units: Bespoke units with integrated basins and flush mounted mirror.

11. Tenant Amenity Block
8 No. self-contained shower / changing rooms at basement level.
Drying room, lockers and WC facilities will also be provided.

12. Safety, Security and Technology Systems
Building Management System
The BMS will control all primary M&E plant and Environmental systems on each floor.

Protective Installations
Fire protection and Alarm system in accordance with IS 3218 with individual loops to each tenant floor.
IP based CCTV system to monitor external areas and entrance foyer.

Two incoming telecommunication rooms served by 2 different duct networks to allow diverse connections to the building. Each comms room has 3 spare ducts in addition to the telecom service to the street for future connection to other providers.

1. Heating System
The building heating load shall be covered by a gas fired low NOx condensing boilers with each boiler capable of operating at 60% of design load.

Natural gas is the fuel source for the building.

2. Heating /Cooling System to Office Space
A VRF Air Conditioning system throughout the office space consisting of above ceiling VRF terminal units with insulated supply air ductwork to ceiling mounted grilles. The fresh air requirements for occupants shall be provided from roof mounted AHUs through supply air ductwork to the rear of the VRF units. The return air path shall be through the office perimeter to the atrium space and extracted at the roof level of the atrium.

3. Air Conditioning System
The air handling units shall be provided with a high efficiency, thermal wheel heat recovery device to preheat the incoming ventilation air in the winter.

The building in general shall be air conditioned VRF units.

Fresh air will be provided through a central air handling unit(s) located on the roof. Supply air shall be distributed via sheet metal ductwork from the AHU and penetrate the space at high-level at a number of locations complete with fire dampers and volume control dampers. The air will be ducted into the ceiling voids adjacent to the local cooling unit. The temperature of the air delivered to each zone will be controlled to deliver adequate cooling or heating to the space.

The atrium shall be designed to be naturally ventilated and provided with underfloor heating consisting of Polyethylene pipes cast into the concrete floor topping. The room temperature shall be controlled by wall mounted thermostats and floor temperature sensors, which will control the flow of water to the slab on an on/off basis.

4. Electrical Services Design Statement
The design will provide a pleasant, attractive working environment for all users and visitors. The system will be flexible, durable and energy efficient and the lighting system shall be controlled through a DALI lighting management system. The electrical design solution shall include the following:

  • Lighting management system to control lighting at preset levels between 10% and 100% of the full design level.
  • An automatic dimming function on the lighting system for switching of lights to save energy when daylight is available.
  • Automatic presence/absence detection of lights in areas which are intermittently occupied.
    – High efficiency LED lighting installation.

5. Incoming Power Supply
The supply to the building will be at LV rate for Multi Tenancy use.
The low voltage switchroom will be designed to accommodate a main distribution board suitable for multi tenancy metering, provision for power
factor and surge protection.
Power factor correction shall be provided by the Landlord to ensure a minimum corrected value of 0.95 exists on all phases.

6. Distribution Boards
The Main Distribution Board shall be of Form 4 construction and shall serve the 2 No. Tenant sub distribution boards on each floor located in
the Electrical risers. Each tenant sub distribution board shall be of Form 2 construction and shall be provided with 20% spare capacity.

7. Workstation
Typical workstation based on one per 8 sq m (subject to tenant fit-out M&E review) to be provided with an electrical floor box with the following services:

  • 2 No. twin sockets c/w RCBO protection.
  • 4 gang data outlet plate (space provision only).

Each floor box shall be powered via underfloor busbar module units fed from the local tenant sub distribution board.

8. General and Emergency Lighting
Luminaire specification and location within the facility is critical so as to achieve wall and ceiling light reflectance. The majority of light fittings shall be LED fittings suitable for dimming. Lighting levels and glare indices will be in accordance with ISEN 12464 light and lighting, Lighting at work (all parts). The light fittings selected will be suitable for use in a computer environment and shall be capable of illuminating all surfaces.

Emergency lighting shall comply with IS 3217. Emergency lighting shall be provided via 3-hour battery packs contained within the fittings.
An emergency lighting central test unit shall be installed.

A lighting control system will be included in the design incorporating presence sensors and an ability to incorporate daylight control by the Tenant which will automatically dim lights and save energy when daylight available.



ArchitectsMahoney Architecture
Structural and Civil Engineer ConsultantsO’Connor Sutton Cronin
Quantity SurveyorsCarron + Walsh
Mechanical and Electrical ConsultantsJ.V. Tierney & Co.
Landscape ArchitectsBernard Seymour Landscape Architects
Fire Engineering ConsultantsJeremy Gardner Associates Ireland Ltd.
Assigned Certifieri3PT Certification
Façade ConsultantsMurphy Façade Studio Ltd.
Project Supervisor Design ProcessOLM Consultancy
Project ManagementKRA Visionary Project Partners
Planning ConsultantIMG Planning